Biden Dismissed Republican Plan for Coronavirus Funds

On Thursday, the White House dismissed GOP’s plans to fund their suggested infrastructure package with remaining funds designated for the coronavirus epidemic.

Jennifer Rene Psaki, White House Press Secretary, stated that they note several constructive additions to the group’s previous plans at the initial assessment, including on bridges, roads, and rail.

Simultaneously, they remain concerned that their plan still provides no considerable new funds for critical job-producing needs, such as fixing their veterans’ hospitals, building modern rail systems, repairing their transit systems, broadband, replacing damaged lead pipes for pure and fresh drinking water, and powering US’s leadership in a job-producing clean energy economy, among other things.

Senate GOPs countered Joe Biden’s 1.7T dollars infrastructure spending plan with a new 257 Bn dollars funding proposal on Thursday. When added to already standing proposals, the project would equal 928 Bn dollars spread out over 8-years. American President’s original plan was set to cost almost 2.3T dollars.

The New York Times (NYT) noted that GOPs proposed paying for their proposal primarily by repurposing funds from the 1.9T dollars epidemic relief bill. The White House has supported this idea, which Jen Psaki made clear after a journalist asked if it is a nonstarter.

White House Press Secretary said here is why that would be problematic to be a vital funding mechanism. Almost 95% of it is already allocated; five percent of it would go towards some essential parts, including boosting up rebuilding veterans’ hospitals, small businesses, restaurants, and something that is of personal importance to the American President.

Moreover, the statement said, lastly, they are concerned that the proposal on how to pay for the plan remains uncertain. They are worried that significant cuts in coronavirus relief funds could endanger pending aid to small businesses and rural hospitals using that money to get back on their feet after the crush of the epidemic. She said they think there are improved ways to pay for it, and they believe people should have a total consideration of what that is proposing.

Jen Psaki, who described the latest offer from the Republican party as encouraging, somewhat due to GOPs having substantially improved the funding level they were prepared to support to almost one trillion dollars.

On Thursday, Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) dismissed the plan as not a severe counter-offer in an interview with an American news-based TV cable channel.