Trump called on Americans to express love and respect for their mothers

The President proclaimed on the occasion of Mother’s Day.

US President Donald Trump proclaimed on the occasion of Mother’s Day, which is celebrated in the United States on the second Sunday in May. In it, he called on all Americans to express love and respect for their mothers (or those who perform maternal duties) and to reflect on the importance of motherhood for the prosperity of families, communities, and the country as a whole.

“On Mother’s Day, we celebrate wonderful mothers. It is thanks to the unwavering love, comfort, and guidance of these extraordinary women that we first learn how to experience the joy and wonders of life, the proclamation reads. – “Whether they become mothers through childbirth, adoption, custody, or otherwise, these women deserve our infinite gratitude and praise today and every day”.

“The intuition and wisdom passed from mother to child strengthens the fabric of our country and preserves the wisdom and family values accumulated by generations”, the President continues. – “In our first days, mothers surround us with love and caring care. They often know about our talents before we do and selflessly encourage us to use these God-given gifts to pursue the highest dreams and realize the most amazing ideas”.

“Our mothers accept us as we are and help us on the way to our calling”, the presidential proclamation reads. – “They protect us and guide us, but above all, they surround us every day with an unchanging and enduring love”.

“On Mother’s Day, we thank them for everything they do to enrich our lives. Their character, courage, and compassion are gifts that transcend time and span generations. May today be filled with the joy of knowing their immense contribution to our society and that their love for us does not go unnoticed or undervalued”.